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PowerBI Example

A quick demo of powerBI using movie actors and actresses:

A Modified Comparison of Vegetable Costs

An article about the cost of fresh vs frozen or canned vegetables recently made the rounds on Gizomdo. The data was taken the USDA 2013 Vegetables, cost per cup equivalent data set. The Bite.Gizomoo article did a decent job expounding on the data; however, it may have made an enrounous conclusion.

Embedding Excel in a Website

In a previous post, I showed you how to embed excel interactive tables. I will not link to it here, because unfortunately, that feature has now been deprecated. And that was a cool feature, why must you ruin everything I love Microsoft!? :)

Tableau Holiday Quiz Viz

A fun viz using custom shapes in a scatterplot. Happy Holidays!!!

Integrating R in TERR

Lately, I've been building the Dallas Office for Syntelli Solutions. One of core service offering is that of integration:

Helping Hungry Families with Business Intelligence

Recently I've had the opportunity to be a part of the advisory board for the Dallas Fort Worth Community Food Bank . My initial work was simply giving some advice on how they could increase their social media presence and accept bitcoin and dogecoin for donations; however, when they mentioned they needed a better way to track their customers, I realized I could use the same set of tools I use to help businesses to help families.

ESRI Tapestry Segmentation

Tapestry Segmentation allows for quick assessment of regional demographics, behaviors, and attitudes. For more info, see ESRI's website on Tapestry Segmentation, you can even get a sweet poster!

HTML 5 Geolocation Testing

Tornado and Flood Map

A quick trial of ESRI's embedded mapping technology:

Excel Interactive Tables

Impressive (relatively) new feature from Microsoft. Here are Interactive HTML Tables by Excel. This feature has now been deprecated, sorry. Please see my more recent article on Embedding Excel in a website to see how you do it now