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When "Good Enough" Really Is Good Enough - Managing Perfectionism in an Imperfect World

Originally Published December 2012 on Accountingweb.com: http://www.accountingweb.com/blog-post/when-good-enough-really-good-enough-managing-perfectionism-imperfect-world How many times has this happened? You’re working on a report. You polished the visuals, showing the insights in elegant detail. You reworked some tables to be more concise, and it’s almost perfect! It’s also a week late.

Geographic Representation of Unemployment vs. Labor

I put together this visual using public data from the BLS. It demonstrate that during 2008(running up to and during the peak of the great recession) unemployment rates and labor force were highly positively correlated. However, during times before and after, the relationship tends to be negative.